type Object ( geomap style )
  borderRadius: "8px",
  color: "#7f0000",
  fillOpacity: .2,
  height: "8px",
  opacity: 1,
  strokeOpacity: 1,
  strokeWidth: "2px",
  visibility: "visible",
  width: "8px"
$( map selector ).geomap( { drawStyle: { color: "green" } } );
var drawStyle = $( map selector ).geomap( "option", "drawStyle" );
$( map selector ).geomap( "option", "drawStyle", { strokeWidth: "4px" } );

The drawStyle option retrieves or updates the style of incomplete lines and polygons as they are being drawn. This differs from the shapeStyle option which updates the style of shapes that you've appended to the map.

This option affects both the draw modes (drawPoint, drawLineString, and drawPolygon) and the measure modes (measureLength, and measureArea).

This option changes specific properties of the internal style object. If you init or set an incomplete style object, only the style properties you reference are updated.

Please see the style section at the bottom of the geomap widget page for more information about the style object.